Bert’s is a family-owned business and operates many concession stands along the beach in Ocean City, NJ.

With 75 years experience, we are the oldest beach service in Ocean City, NJ. dating back to 1948.

Our courteous, professional staff offers full set-up & breakdown service & weather & tide reports.


North Street (0 Street) Parking Available
5 Minute walk to Restroom

7th Street

Plymouth Place

8th Street

9th Street

Colony Walk

10th Street

11th Street (Look for American Flag Umbrellas to the left of entrance)

12th Street

14th Street

15th Street

17th Street

Berts Beach Rentals




Beach Umbrella
$13 a day
(Large 7-1/2 ft industry standard concessionaire umbrellas)
Beach Chair
$8 a day
$6 a day

Prices include 6.625% NJ Sales Tax

SAVE with weekly and monthly rates.